Old Office Photo

Here is a photo of my old office.  There’s an elliptical machine over to the right.  My new office looks about the same.  It’s a little bigger (but the view is not as good and the paint color is uglier).




  • The first title of a new series has just been released — Hot XXX Gamblers: Poker Double Teamed.  This features fallen angel Chantelle and her nemesis, the handsome half-demon Jake Farrier as they vie for poker winnings in a world class poker tournament.  While trying to coordinate their supernatural powers, to win the high stakes pot, they fall for each other.  A night of passionate demon/angel love ensues.
  • Part 2 of Starfire will be released by the end of February.
  • Lila Lovecraft starts mixing horror with erotica.  Watch for upcoming releases — Peter Peter and The Raven.